In 1918, Mr. Modesto Coll arrived in Chile from Tarragona, Spain. He came to this country to follow the footsteps of his predecessors, all dedicated to wine production on their land.

In 1942 Don Modesto bought the farm La Fortuna, planting it with fine strains such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc. By this time, his son Daniel Guell helped him continue the family tradition, producing better and better wines. Anticipating what the market would demand, Daniel Guell planted different varieties of grapes and concentrated on improving systems of crop and fruit quality.

La Fortuna wines have been on the market since 1950. Today, the third generation of Guell, directed by Daniel Galofre Guell, his sons and grandchildren continue to produce wines with the same dedication and passion as their predecessors. The old winery, located in the Maule Region, Lontue Valley area, has become these days in a modern facility with all the necessary elements to produce high quality wines that markets demand.

La Fortuna has become one of the major players in the production of organic wines. Historically Vina La Fortuna has had a very good relationship with its employees and in order to integrate more of the benefits of production, La Fortuna managed to achieve Fair Trade accreditation. Other certifications that guarantee the quality of the products are HACCP certified and Clean Production Agreement.