Nuova Cappelletta is a thriving agricultural operation, growing corn and grapes and breeding cattle. In 2002, the farm became a wildlife reservation; its landscape, with dense hedges, the absence of pollutants, and the benefits of biodynamic farming is the perfect environment for migrating birds, bugs, and other wildlife. The entire farm was converted to organic and biodynamic agriculture in 1984 and has been certified by Demeter ever since. It is also has NOP certification through the USDA.

Nuova Cappelletta grows grapes traditional to Piedmont, selected and improved through the years. The varieties are Grignolino, Barbera, Freisa, Nebbiolo, Cortese and Chardonnay. Only grapes from the farm’s own vineyards are used as ingredients to the DOC certified wines of Nuova Cappelletta wines.

The scent and flavor of their wines engage smell and taste revealing their origins, their harmony and the full character of their land: the name "Vignale Monferrato” derive from “vigna”, the italian word for vine, as an evidence of the many centuries of local tradition in growing this crop. Nuova Cappelletta wines are produced from grapes grown exclusively in the estate’s six vineyards; Collina, Montalbava, Minola, Rinalda, Novareto, and Guerra. Each vineyard has unique characteristics and the resulting wines vary from everyday table wines to full-bodied, concentrated wines for aging.