Nuova Cappelletta Barbera SSA


  • Piedmont, Italy
  • Biodynamic
  • No Sulfites Added

100% Barbera

Tasting Notes: Beautiful deep red color. Spicy with rich cherry and plum fruit.

SSA 500 Barbera comes from a single vineyard shaped like a natural amphitheater and facing south-east. The site is constantly under a gentle breeze that facilitates the correct ripening, while maintaining the integrity of the grape-berries. The wine-making approach is designed to avoid additions of sulfites, and filtration cycles are kept to the minimum in order to preserve as much of the original character of the grapes as possible. This approach may cause a small bottle deposit, which does not affect the quality of this wine.

Maceration with skins for one week. No sulfites are added and filtration is limited to preserve the character of the grapes.

Aging: Stainless Steel.

Conservation Time: 2 - 3 years maximum.

Alcohol Percentage: 14.4%