Stellar Organics Live-A-Little Ravishing Red

Non Vintage

  • Western Cape, South Africa
  • No Sulfites Added
  • Gluten Free

Tasting Notes: Sometimes we all need to break free and Live-a-Little. This range of organic wines is fun and easy-drinking. Like its country of origin and the people who make it, it has a whole lot of heart. Loosen up, lighten up and Live-a-Little.

Bright red in color. Strawberry and candy floss on the nose. This un-wooded wine has red fruits on the palate with a smooth fresh finish.

Now and then a wine is required that doesn’t need a ritual on opening, whose departure from a collection is not accompanied by nostalgic memories of its purchase. A wine that doesn’t need glasses you don’t have. Sometimes one wants a wine to be a song heard a thousand times, something to hum to, tap to, work with. A wine that’s finished before you get to know it, a wine you begin to miss only when it’s gone. A wine that realizes there are other things in life, a lot of other things, and we should all loosen-up, lighten-up, and live-a-little. This is that wine.

Food Pairing: This easy drinking wine is ideal for picnics, BBQ and light lunches.

Alcohol Percentage: 12.5%