Terra Savia's goal in winemaking is to create wines that are true extensions of the grape, vineyard and terroir. Their winemaking philosophy has developed over decades of producing a wide variety of wines from many different locations. "Planting the right varieties in the right locations is first and foremost. If you want to make great wines, you must grow excellent grapes. Nurture the grapes organically and do as little as possible to the wine. Their mantra: "put more effort in the vineyard and minimize treatment in the cellar; winemaking starts when you lay down the first compost in the Fall and prune in winter." Every step of wine production, from pruning to bottling is considered to minimize their impact on the environment and their products.

Terra Savia produces artisan organic wines, extra virgin olive oil, and honey with a special commitment towards land conservation and wildlife preservation. All are produced in small lots and batches from their own estate vineyard and orchard. They grow their own fruit on their own land and control the process from the field to the finished product. They maintain strict quality control and adhere to the highest standards of organic certification.

For every acre of orchard land planted, 100 acres of open land remains protected. By choosing to enjoy their products, you are also actively protecting wildlife habitats, conserving heritage forests, reducing waste, and carbon emissions, and supporting your local economy. At Terra Savia these products incorporate the delicate balance between sustainable and responsible farming practices. By combining traditional methods with modern efficiencies and earth-friendly technologies, they bring you the best quality organic products that minimize the impact on the surrounding ecosystem.