Terra Savia Cabernet Sauvignon


  • Hopland, California

100% Cabernet

Tasting Notes: Terra Savia's goal with producing this Cabernet is to not only showcase the power of Cabernet, but do so in a style that is softer in tannin, fruit-forward, approachable, and therefore, food-friendly.

Their Cabs are done in an elegant style. Hand-harvested at a level of ripeness that retains fruit character and favors lower alcohol production. The resulting finished product is well balanced and classy. Not a big grabs you by the tongue and assaults your mouth kind of wine. Their vineyard lends itself to a more elegant style that will do well with age. The tannins are there, but they are soft and add the proper dimension to the wine.

Food Pairing: Well suited for enjoying with or without food.

Alcohol Percentage: 14.2%