The family property of the domaine du Château de Lagarde has been built up over the years by successive generations. Today, in order to look after their heritage, they carry on using a special mixture of ancestral tradition and the most efficient technology.

In 2000, Lionel Raymond purchased Château Joumes Fillon (an organic vineyard). Because of Lionel's strong beliefs in the respect of environment and the terroir he decided to convert the whole vineyard (130 hectares) to organic agriculture. It was a quite a bet, and most winemakers in the area thought he was pretty crazy. It is twice the work of a conventional vineyard. It is now the largest organic vineyard in Bordeaux and USDA certified organic.

Located in the Entre-Deux-Mers, not far from Bordeaux, their wines have grown in the villages of Saint-Laurent-du-Bois, Saint-Martial, Saint-Felix de Conclude since medieval times. The Raymond family has a long history of growing wine, dating back to 1850. The different properties of the domaine benefit specific conditions: special orientation of the vineyards, composition of the soil, humidity, age of the vines. These conditions are refined during the winemaking allowing them to offer you a large range of products.

Over 20 people work in the vineyard and the cellars, and consistently looking for innovative techniques in terms of production, vinification with respect for the vines, soil and environment. What makes the main difference in the wine produced by organic agriculture is the word "respect": respect of the soil, on which the vine is planted, respect of the vine, respect of the organic methods, and all of this for the respect of the environment and the respect of the consumer. Raymond’s wines reflect a certain "savoirfaire.” France's first all ECO-FRIENDLY Vineyard.